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Five More Food Trucks to Stalk This Summer

As a new season rolls out, here are five more food trucks to add to your Denver dining list.

Summertime — and the eating is easy with five more creative culinary concepts on wheels. Something sweet, something savory, something fast, something for everyone-check out these noteworthy niche food truck menus this June.

1. Matt's Snack Shack

matt's snack shack

A mainstay at many of Denver's best local breweries, Matt's Snack Shack prides itself on being the food partner in crime to your ice cold brew. While specializing in grilled wings, you can't go wrong with the many grilled cheese variations. Special shout out to The Cowboy, a pulled pork and bacon cheesy delight. Find location schedule here.

2. Keenwah, CO

Keenwah, CO Truck

Who said health food had to be tasteless? Have your flavor and eat it too with Keenwah, CO, a creative take on the uber versatile superfood, quinoa. Serving up breakfast, lunch and even dessert, if you're passionate about feeling good and eating well, you've come to the right truck. Learn more on their website.

3. Bites Mini Donuts

With a truck as cute as the food fare itself, Bites Mini Donuts are just the little something sweet you've been craving. Find the weekly location on the truck's social pages.

4. Still Smokin

If ya'll are looking for a hearty Southern meal, Still Smokin is your one-stop shop for a satisfactory barbecue bulls-eye. From pulled pork and shrimp skewers to chopped brisket and ripped ribs, this slow-cooked food fare will quickly win over your heart... and your stomach. Find the daily schedule here.

5. Lobster Bliss

lobster bliss
East coast eats a mile high, the Lobster Bliss truck is coasting to a concrete stop near you to bring you the freshest seafood fare this side of Maine. If you love lobster cakes, tacos and rolls, find your bliss in this decadent menu. For locations, follow The Lobster Bliss Truck on social media.