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A New Fast-Casual Fried Chicken Concept In Colorado: GoodBird Kitchen

A smaller, streamlined version of The POST Brewing Company

Whitney Filloon

A fast-casual fried chicken explosion is sweeping the United States. "It's tempting to look at this sudden interest and activity in fast-casual fried chicken space and wonder why it's taken so long," said an Eater National article this week. "But in reality the whole notion of fast-casual is still very new."

In Colorado, a company known for its chicken offerings is jumping on the bandwagon. Big Red F, a restaurant group that owns The POST Brewing Company will soon launch several fast-casual joints called GoodBird Kitchen. "The GBK's will be a smaller, more streamlined version of The POST Brewing Company," said Big Red F founder Dave Query. "GBK will offer our great fried and rotisserie bird and our award winning POST beers. Guests will order at a counter prior to being sat and full-service will be available from that point forward."

Dining rooms at GBK will feature that same comfortable "Colorado mountain-meets-Michigan roadhouse feel." Prices will start at $7 and top out at $14 for platters, buckets of chicken. Family meals will be available from walk-up to-go windows. Chef/partner Brett Smith is heading up GBK's food program, and the bar will be directed by POST bar manager/partner Brian Selbitchka. "Beer, chicken-friendly wines, and a straightforward classic cocktail menu will be available to lovers of the bird," said Query.

The first GoodBird Kitchen will be in Longmont on Hover Road, with construction slated for September and an opening planned in November. The second is in the Stanley Aviation project near Stapleton in Denver, which is expected open in early Spring 2016.

"We are trying to create a simple, easy-to-use, value-driven chicken concept," Query said. "We like cooking bird the same way we like cooking and working with fresh seafood at Jax Fish House. The biscuits, the award winning pies from Chef John Hinman, the farm-driven sides that we feature by the dozen each night. It's all good. It's all GoodBird Kitchen."