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Hungry Bear Devours Dozens of Pies at a Lyons Bakery

The furry critic ate apple and cherry pies under the cover of darkness, but passed on the strawberry rhubarb variety.

The Guardian
The Guardian

The recent incident of the bear eating pies in the night has both wildlife and pie enthusiasts in a tizzy, as reported in an article from The Guardian. The bear's insatiable sweet tooth could only be cured by apple and cherry pies from Colorado Cherry Company's location in Lyons. Apparently the bear would not recommend the strawberry rhubarb specimen to fellow pie-eaters as that was the only pie he did not eat. The bear even managed to take pies to go, as evidenced by the pie trail leading out of the bakery.

The hungry bandit wasn't satisfied with fruit pies alone. He also consumed full bags of sugar and cocoa on his rampage of the bakery. Owners of the bakery, the Lehnert family, speculate that the bear enjoyed his legendary night of pie-eating so much that they may have secured a returning customer. Perhaps others will take the bear's display as a hint that these are some darn good pies.

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