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The Jonesy's Team Returns with Nip & Sip Neighborhood Lounge

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The new bar will open next week in the Berkeley neighborhood in a former dive.

Former Rosa Mia
Former Rosa Mia
Mile High Happy Hour

What used to be Rosa Mia Inn, a family-owned dive located at 4395 Yates Street, will soon become Nip & Sip, the latest venture from the group that owned the recently closed Jonesy's/Centennial Tavern and still runs the Horseshoe Lounge, the Bar Car, and Inga's Alpine Lounge.

Leigh Jones and partners Margaret Moore and J.D. Dossett are bringing their magic touch for creating cozy environments and community gathering places to this dive located in the booming Berkeley neighborhood. What used to be Rosa Mia opened in 1967, according to Jones, and was owned by two Italian sisters who named their business after their mother, Rose. "The place has a great little shell, a nice wood floor, and pretty brick walls," says Jones who added that only some cosmetic changes will be made to the space.

Expect the new bar to open next week and to see some of the well-loved furnishings from Jonesy's come to life again in the space.