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The Hot Dish: Mizuna's Lobster Mac & Cheese

A 14-year staple on Mizuna's menu that will never disappoint.

Ty Leon says, "It's a butter life here at Mizuna." He has been at the restaurant for a year and half, as the executive chef for several months. "I've served at least ten of the lobster mac and cheese every shift in that time," he explains.

"It's very representative of what we do. It's simple and well-executed. And there's a ton of butter in it, so it fits the menu quite well."

The dish starts with beurre blanc, a reduction of white wine and vinegar with, of course, butter. Once in the hot pan, a healthy serving of cream is mixed in. Chef removes the pan from heat to add more butter and marscapone cheese.

Back on the burner, it's time for the macaroni and finally, the star of the dish—a giant lobster claw. Cooked until just hot, some more beurre blanc finishes the dish.

After plating, the cheesy platter is carefully topped with lobster oil and a sprig of chervil.

"We go through about six lobsters a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less." The dish has been a staple since day one when the restaurant opened 14 years ago. "I don't think it will ever come off the menu," says Leon.


225 East 7th Avenue, , CO 80203 (303) 832-4778

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