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Biju's Second Little Curry Shop

The popular RiNo curry shop has a second location on Tennyson Street in the works.

Biju's Little Curry Shop in RiNo
Biju's Little Curry Shop in RiNo

To the delight of Biju's Little Curry Shop's many patrons, Westword recently announced that chef owner of the RiNo hot spot, Biju Thomas, will open a second location of the fast-casual curry eatery on Tennyson Street. The new location is slated to live in the same building where Atomic Cowboy will soon be opening its third location.

Since the original Biju's Little Curry Shop opened its doors in late 2014, the compact space has been packed wall-to-wall with hungry customers. The second location will offer the same high quality Indian fare that patrons associate with Biju's starting in November. The Tennyson Street outpost will have more than twice the amount of space than its small-scale RiNo counterpart.

Atomic Cowboy

141 South Broadway, , CO 80209 (303) 377-7900 Visit Website

Biju's Little Curry Shop

1441 26th Street, , CO 80205 (303) 292-3500 Visit Website