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Trends: Is Fine Dining In Denver Dead?

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Here's what the chefs behind the newly opened Avanti Food & Beverage had to say on the subject.

Avanti Food & Beverage
Avanti Food & Beverage
Emily Hutto

Avanti Food & Beverage, the community food hall that opened in LoHi last week, is the city's newest hub for fast-casual dining. It's a come-as-you-are, take a seat anywhere, self-service type of joint where the food is fast and ridiculously affordable for how high quality it is. Avanti has us wondering: Is fine dining in this town dead?

The chefs at Avanti's seven new food concepts weighed in...

"Farm-to-table dining is typically associated with fine dining— so white linen and high prices. At Avanti, we wanted to take that style of sourcing to a price point that you can afford three or four times per week. This high profile venture is redefining what farm-to-table means." — Tim Payne, owner of Farmer Girl

"Denver is known to be the fast-casual capitol of the world. Avanti is the first true food hall in this city, and I think it's going to change up the way we think about fine dining." — John DePierro, co-owner of MiJo

"White linen dining is not going out of fashion in Denver, in fact it is alive and well. It's just that new entrepreneurs like us are making money in a more casual way." — Jon Robbins, owner of Souk Shawarma

"I think the concept of 'fine dining' has been evolving for decades now. There will be more and more amazing chefs that will pop up and delight you the same way a fine dining experience would, but in a more casual atmosphere. When I was working in Barcelona in 2004, I could see amazing restaurants pop up in the Borne with very creative menus that would kill the Michelin star where I was working. All this in a very laid back, casual, and modern atmosphere. It was then that I started to see the metamorphosis of the fine dining scene. So in my opinion, yes. It will change and evolve but it will not die." — Marco Gonzalez, chef and owner of Bixo

Avanti Food & Beverage

3200 Pecos Street, Denver, CO 80211, USA

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