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Honor Society Pushes Opening to August

New fast-casual concept to land on 16th Street Mall later than expected.

Honor Society awaits opening
Honor Society awaits opening
Gigi Sukin

Next up on Denver's fast-casual dining scene is Honor Society, currently slated to begin feeding 16th Street Mall-goers in August.

The idea originated almost two years ago and pulls together the varying experience and expertise of Chef Justin Brunson, the mastermind behind Masterpiece Deli, Denver Bacon Company and Old Major. The project is also being helmed by Rob Alvarado, owner and operator of over one hundred Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell franchises in multiple states, as well as Jonas Tempel, Ian Smith, and Ben Kaplan. The group has crafted a menu and experience for fine dining on a time crunch. Honor Society will serve three square meals a day alongside a featured beverage program.

The space is meant to exude a "barn-meets-loft" aesthetic, according to Alvarado, whose first departure from the franchise model will come with the opening of Honor Society. Finishes include drum line lighting fixtures that rest overhead wooden community-style tables, a pig pen fence repurposed to divide the bar from the main portion of the restaurant, and glass garage doors to unite the eatery with the spirit of the pedestrian mall.