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Liquid Food Trucks Driving Denver's Mobile Business

Four liquid food trucks are rolling around Denver this summer.

Bean Machine

Green Giraffe slings organic green juice at the Old South Pearl farmers market each week, along with real fruit smoothies, tea, and coffee. Follow the truck here.

Backyard Soda Co. crafts simple syrups that are used to create snow cones on its soda cart that rolls around to Denver's events and farmers markets all summer. The cart also serves sodas, slushies, teas, and lemonade. Check the cart event schedule on the Backyard Soda Co. website.

World Juice Bar sells frozen coffees and smoothies, in addition to vegetable juices like the Green Goddess smoothie and Island Carrot smoothie. Find the truck here.

Lucky for Denverites, the Bean Machine serves espresso, coffee, and smoothies out of a classic 1970 Volkswagon Bus. Ride that bus here.