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Get Your Rollin Greens Before the End of October

The food truck will close up to focus on a new side of the business.

Rollin Greens
Rollin Greens

Rollin Greens, the beloved Boulder food truck that serves organic and local "sophisticated street food from around the world," will call it quits after October this year. Opened by Ryan "Ko" Cunningham and Lindsey Mandel, the truck became a quick hit with Boulderites in search of a reliable quick meal conscious of allergies and dietary restrictions. For the last four years, Cunningham and Mandel supported the community by sourcing mostly from local vendors and farmers.

Early this year, Rollin Greens launched a line of frozen products that really took off. The beginning of this line was Millet Tots, a product that is a customer favorite on the truck. Frozen, the tots started to be distributed in local grocery store. And now the team that created them is ready to focus on developing and expanding that side of the business further. The news was posted on the Rollin Greens Facebook page:

This is a bitter sweet year for us, as October will be the last month we will be operating our food truck and catering service. With our recent expansion into packaged products, we have decided to put all of our efforts into growing our new line nationally! Thanks for all of your love and continued support! ~The RollinGreens Team~

The frozen product line will expand this winter to include the Jalapeño poppers the truck serves. Stay tuned for updates.