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19 New Restaurants and Bars to Look Forward to This Month

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And we counted Avanti Food & Beverage, which houses several very exciting eateries as one!

Avanti Food & Beverage
Avanti Food & Beverage
Ryan Dearth


Where: 807 13th Street, Golden
What: A new community-focused restaurant dedicated to seasonality
Who: Friends, partners, and restaurant veterans Brandon Bortles and Barry Dobesh
Anticipated opening: Late July

· Abejas Will Open in Golden This Summer [EDen]


Where: 3200 Pecos Street
What: A new generation food hall that brings together different food concepts including Poco Torteria, Mijo, Farmer Girl, Quiero Arepas, Bixo Mediterranean Bites, Souk Shawarma, and Brava Pizzeria. Bonus: Two bars will serve the two-storied building. 
Who: Patrick O'Neill (founder of Chopper's Custom Salads) and partner Rob Hahn (head of local real estate group GRT), plus the individual owners of each of the food concepts. 
Anticipated opening: July 13

· Avanti Food & Beverage Nears Completion [EDen]


Where: 3126 Larimer Street 
What: A European-style bar with great drinks and small bites
Who: Chef Jonathan Power from the Populist and  Koan Goedman from Huckleberry Roasters. 
Anticipated opening: Mid-July


Where: 5126 East Colfax Avenue
What: A curated coffee house and whisky bar with full retail up front, a members-only barbershop, and work space for creative agencies.
Who: A team of seasoned coffee geeks and aspiring bar owners
Anticipated opening: Next week

· Bellwether Coming to East Colfax Next Month [EDen]


Where: 1604 East 17th Avenue
What: A new 47 seat brewery with a 10 barrel system in Uptown. Possible food selection will come from P17. 
Who: Rob Lee and his children, Robert and Anna
Anticipated opening: Very soon, possibly this week

· Deep Draft Brewing Coming This Spring [EDen]

Where: 1475 East 17th Avenue
What: A modern taqueria and tequila bar in a contemporary space.
Who: Brothers and industry veterans Jason and Kris Wallenta 
Anticipated opening: Late this week

· Dos Santos Reveals Renderings For Its Upcoming Spot in Uptown [EDen]

Where: 1309 26th Street
What: A new generation bar and eatery equipped with the ipourit system, which allows guests to pour their own beer, wine, and cider by the glass. 
Who: Owner Mark Slattery and chef Eric Lee
Anticipated opening: July 19

· First Draft Brings Chef Eric Lee on Board [EDen]

Where: 1553 Platte Street 
What: A double concept that will bring coffee, wine, beer with some bites on one side and a brioche doughnut emporium serving sweet and savory treats on the other. 
Who: Owner Lisa Ruskaup, a Denver native who has served as a restaurant and real estate consultant, designer, and concept director.
Anticipated opening: Late July

· Habit Doughnut Dispensary and Carbon Beverage Cafe Will Open Later This Month [EDen]


Where: 1900 16th Street
What: A health-centric casual eatery
Who: Chef Justin Brunson of Old Major, Masterpiece Deli, Denver Bacon Company and his partners. 
Anticipated opening: Late July, if all goes according to plan (fingers crossed!)


Where: 7995 Sheridan Boulevard, Arvada
What: a casual eatery and tap house will open in the former Woody's Tavern space
Who: Concept Restaurants, a group that also owns Humboldt and Ignite (in Ballpark)
Anticipated opening: Today, July 6

· Ignite Ale House and Kitchen Will Open in the Former Woody's Tavern [EDen]


Where: 3500 Larimer Street 
What: A clothing and branding business that will bring its services alongside an adult drink.
Who: Owner Jung Park
Anticipated opening: The week of July 13

· Metroboom, Ella Beauty Bar Bring Services With an Adult Drink in Hand [EDen]


Where: 4395 Yates Street, former Rosa Mia Inn
What: A bar and community gathering place in a former dive bar located in the booming Berkeley neighborhood
Who: Leigh Jones and partners Margaret Moore and J.D. Dossett
Anticipated opening: Late this week

· The Jonesy's Team Returns with Nip & Sip [EDen]


Where: 2715 17th Street 
What: A new wine bar in the former Book Bindery building, next door to Recess. 
Who: This will be the Denver branch to the Phoenix, Arizona based Upward Projects, operators of four wine bars in the Phoenix area. 
Anticipated opening: Late July


Where: 3763 Wynkoop Street
What: A unique new dining experience in a well-known former dive bar spot in RiNo.
Who:  Owners and industry veterans Dan Lasiy and Bo Porytko
Anticipated opening: Later this week

· RiNo Welcomes Rebel Restaurant in July [EDen]

Where: 2715 17th Street
What:  A new bar and eatery where adults can take a break from work and the daily struggles of life.
Who: Industry veterans William Frankland and Owen Olson
Anticipated opening: Late July

· Recess, a New Bar and Eatery, Headed to LoHi [EDen]

Where: 4140 West 38th Avenue
What: A family-friendly breakfast, lunch, and brunch eatery 
Who: Owners Sarah and Vanessa Harris and chef Enrique Socarras
Anticipated opening: Later this week

· Enrique Socarras Returns to Denver with Revelry Kitchen [EDen]

Where: Wherever the crowds demand great pretzels
What: A house-made pretzel shop on the wheels of a modern day tuk tuk
Who: Josh Pollack and the Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen team
Anticipated opening: Late July

· Rosenberg's Will Launch a Pretzel Tuk Tuk [EDen]

Where: 295 South Pennsylvania Street
What: A new American neighborhood bistro in the former Cafe Bar/Grey Cactus space
Who: Restaurateur Chris Sargent, who owns and operates Brazen in Berkeley, along with chef Jorge Cazares, who will run the lunch and brunch programs, chef Craig Field, who will serve as chef de cuisine and Brian Wilson, who is the executive chef at Telegraph. Maggie Restive will serve as pastry chef. 
Anticipated opening: Late July

· Telegraph Will Open in the Former Cafe Bar/Grey Cactus Space [EDen]


Look for the possible opening of Tivoli Brewing Co. this month, perhaps a new ice cream shop on Platte Street, and a new bar/restaurant in the former Jonesy's space.