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Summer Love (or Lack Thereof): Missed Connections

Sparks fly at these local watering holes.

Vine Street Pub
Vine Street Pub

Summer is a time for lovers. Whether it's the sweltering temperatures, scantily-clad singles, or endless parties, everyone is looking for that special someone. Had a missed connection lately? Find your summer love on these Denver Craigslist missed connections.


She was playing corn hole at Vine Street, Wednesday evening- m4w (Vine Street): "She was playing corn hole the other night at Vine Street, wearing blue yoga pants. She was simply, working it. And I'm not talking about her corn hole game. #fiftyshadesofgreythemesong. She put the 'yo' in yoga pants, as well as the 'ga', as in gaaaaaaaaad damn. If you ever see this message, just know you looked 50 shades of mighty fine the other night, and you made corn hole sexier than it ever thought it could be."


Whole Foods Hottie(s) - m4w (Cherry Creek): "Man. I mean woman...You are HOT! Literally. You had sweat dripping off the end of your nose. Those yoga pants must have been too tight. Or maybe paying $18 for a bottle of pomegranate infused, fermented chia seeds got you all wound up. Oh. But you are so very pretty too."


bud-tender beauty - m4w (mile high green cross): "You work at the weed store and you are so beautiful and your knowledge of the herbs for sale is just so sexy. I can't tell if you flirt with me or are just working the tip jar, but either way, it works."


The Fainting Goat - w4m (Broadway): "Long shot, but no other shot...

Dear M.M, from C......

To the man who paid for my drinks last night...thank you for that. You were a true gentleman to the end, a good protector of passersby...

But then, I woke up to no connection to you without any simple explanation...

Please do me the kind regard and be the stand-up guy you presented yourself to be and give me an explanation. Did I offend you in some way? Or was it that I would not come to your rescue?...(if it's you, you will know what I mean with that). Just be honest, I think I deserve that much.

...all I can assume is that you misinterpreted one of my last messages, but I can not even reference that..."


Squire. Monday. 8 p.m. - m4w: "You were on a bench in red. No connection other than I thought you were beautiful. I hope you had a nice evening."

Squire Lounge

1801 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80218 (303) 333-9106

Whole Foods Market

2375 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80206 (720) 941-4100 Visit Website

Fainting Goat Pub

846 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 (303) 945-2323 Visit Website

Cherry Creek

, Denver, CO

Vine Street Pub & Brewery

1700 Vine Street, , CO 80206 (303) 388-2337 Visit Website