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The Heat is On: Craigslist Missed Connections About Town

Sow your wild oats before summer's over.

Forest Room 5
Forest Room 5

Have you had a missed connection in the Denver area recently? Maybe the following Craigslist missed connections will bring you true and lasting love, or at least a little entertainment.


Brooke at View House/"Plaid on Plaid"- m4w (Denver): "Hey Brooke, I'm the one you called "Plaid on Plaid." :) Clearly, I am not a fashion plate, but don't judge a book by its cover. Just email me!"


Historian's - Friday night - m4w (Broadway): "I was having a drink with my mate and you came in with a friend/girlfriend/sister. I couldn't stay but had to at least make eye contact and pay a compliment before I left. Seeing you smile like that made my night and I hope your evening was equally enjoyable.

You - Five foot-ish. Light coloured dress, long dark hair, dark, dark eyes and a pinball smile. The most beautiful woman I have seen in a long time.

Me - The bloody idiot from England who didn't even ask for your number.

If you can see past the bit where I rudely didn't ask for your number, I'd ask you to give me the chance to be a bloody idiot in new and interesting ways."


Cheesecake man (renaissance festival)- w4m (Larkspur): "So while my family and I were waiting for the washing well wenches, you were trying to sell cheesecake on a stick and cookie ice cream sandwiches.

You were completely adorable and I loved your singing and the way you transformed those Disney songs."


Forest Room 5 - guy alone at bar - w4m (Forest Room 5, Highlands): "I've never posted anything on here before, but last night I saw a handsome guy sitting alone at the middle communal table at Forest Room 5. We smiled at each other as I walked by, and I went to meet my friends on the patio. When I came back in for a drink, I was going to talk to him...but he had left. Terrible! I just thought I'd see if the magical interwebs would find him again.

I was wearing a black leather jacket with a pink shirt underneath and a ponytail. If you were the disappearing bar patron, email me and perhaps we can meet sometime in a less creepy way!"


Florence + the machine bus ride- w4w (Red Rocks, Denver): "I never thought I would find myself using this to find someone! But I was intrigued.

...Grey shirt girl who rode on the bus to Florence. You were so cute. You seem like a fun person-Would love to actually meet you!

If it's really you, tell me what drink we shared."

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