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Wild Standard to Open In Boulder Mid-September

This third restaurant from Bradford Heap, is slated to open September 14th in downtown Boulder.

Bradford Heap is no stranger to building farm-to-table restaurants and watching them thrive in Boulder. With Salt and Colterra's growing popularity, Heap is slated to open his third restaurant, Wild Standard at 1043 Pearl Street in the old Pasta Vino and Juanita's location, on September 14.

Heap's steadfast commitment to organic, seasonal, and non-GMO will be no different with Wild Standard and although he will find the freshest, best fish globally, he will always focus on local whenever possible.

The space has been transformed by Carol Vilate, an interior designer (and Heap's wife) who focuses solely on recycled or used materials. Every piece in the restaurant has a story about where it came from. What she calls the "barnacle bling," emulating the ocean on the outside of the bar, was crafted from old belt buckles. The hand-milled hemlock wooden beams boldly exposed throughout the ceiling come from a 100-year-old barn in the Midwest and are covered with ornamental iron straps bolted into place for an industrial look. An antique golden frame hanging on the white washed brick wall came from her girlfriend's garage and the bar is made of smooth cottonwood from a fallen tree in Boulder County.

At the back of the restaurant, guests can peek into the open kitchen from chef's table stools to the spot where Heap will helm an oak wood-fired grill. He is aiming to bring that "fresh fish over an open fire" familiar taste to his dishes.

The restaurant seats 92 upstairs, 35 downstairs in the "Pearl Dive" bar, and outside on Pearl Street covered by umbrellas, there will be a few stools for people watching and al fresco dining. The "Pearl Dive" downstairs provides an intimate space for private parties, plus additional seating and another bar. Carol calls it a "watery retreat" as the floor is a smooth blue epoxy.

The restaurant will feature four to five entrees that may include organic chicken (Heap boats we'll see a "killer" fried chicken) and steak. There will also larger, mainstay appetizers that can be ordered off the menu which will be seasonal in nature.

The focus though will be on Heap's vision for small seafood bites that will be carried out in trays and on a vintage rolling cart, for people to grab on the go as it streams past their table. This dim sum-like format will bring dishes prices between $2 and $10. The cart will also offer made-to-order food table-side like ceviche or salmon tartar. There will will be rotating crudo, tartar, ceviche, poke, and a raw bar for sustainable fresh oysters.

An innovative plant-based menu will be available with "killer bites of vegetable," according to Heap. Soul Patch Farm and and a partnership with Dave Asbury of Full Circle Farm will bring local produce in. Heap is also looking into growing some of his own produce with a greenhouse project for winter months.

The bar features eight taps, for kegged wine due to its sustainability and solidified taste, as well as rotating beers on tap. The taps will feature mostly Colorado producers. There will be a full cocktail and spirits menu, as well.

Heap has always been vocal about his desire to promote sustainability, non-GMO, local, and organic so it's no surprise he feels strongly about raising awareness around water conservation with this particular venture, so he has partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation out of Portland, Oregon. The organization is working with him to help address and offset his environmental footprint.

Wild Standard is set to have a soft opening on September 12, and aims to be open to the public on September 14. After that, the will be open daily, serving lunch, happy hour, dinner, and weekend brunch.