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Bubu Lowry Needs More Magic, Brik on York Makes a Solid Diavola

This is what the restaurant critics had to say this week.

Bubu Lowry
Bubu Lowry
Ashley Hughes

The Lowry outpost of Bubu, chef Troy Guard's casual restaurant, is not up to par with its original Larimer Square location, Westword said it its weekly review. The relaxing setting, complete with a basket for yoga mats by the front door, is promising, yet the food lacks the luster that Guard has accustomed his guests to. Critic Gretchen Kurtz attributes some of the short-comings to the expanded dinner menu, which add complexity that the restaurant seems ill-equipped to sustain. On the bright side, the happy hour cocktails are one of the restaurant's good tricks and the veggie ramen is a good bet for those seeking a serious serving of vegetables.

Brik on York made a positive impression on critic Bill Porter of the Denver Post. The Neapolitan-Style pizza place located at Colfax and York served the critic tasty pies, which may not have had the most flavorful crust he's ever consumed, but that had a nice toothsome consistency. Porter loved the Diavola, a pizza featuring Calabria peppers, fresh mozzarella, house-made marinara, and crushed red peppers, plus Tender Belly habanero bacon, spicy micro greens, and Goat Horn peppers on top of it all. The Funghi would have benefitted from abandoning the truffle oil, an ingredient that is so 15 years ago according to Porter.