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Tivoli Brewing Opens its Doors on Saturday

It's been 46 years since the original brewery dried up.

Tivoli Brewing
Tivoli Brewing

The new Tivoli Brewing will host a grand opening celebration on Saturday, August 22, Westword reported. Set iside the historic Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria campus, this is the reincarnation of the original Tivoli Beer Company, which closed nearly half a century ago, in 1969.

Starting at 4 p.m. tomorrow, guests will be able to check out the impressive 52 taps and a restaurant run by the Consumer Concept Group, which owns the Smashburger chain, among others. The food is meant to complement the brews and includes items like burgers and street tacos. The beer selection includes brews made in-house like the Pass the Buck, a German-style lager, and the Tivoli Beer, a Helles lager based on the original recipe, but also a variety of others (distributed by Tivoli Beer) like Grimm Brothers, Aspen Brewing, Big Choice, and Odyssey.