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BluePlains Tavern Pulls the Plug From Sunnyside

Get the sad scoop here.

BluePlain's former corner in Sunnyside
BluePlain's former corner in Sunnyside

One of Sunnyside's most anticipated restaurant openings, BluePlains Tavern, has officially announced that it will not be going forward with opening the new spot. Owner Neil Jorgensen recently released the sad news that his dream of opening BluePlains Tavern is no longer a reality- at least not at the Sunnyside location at the time being.

Here's what he said:

Construction on the Sunnyside spot was underway in early April, but due to a drastic increase in costs surrounding the opening, Jorgensen and company were forced to pull out of all operations. However, the aspiring restaurateur emphasized that there is still a possibility for BluePlains Tavern to become a reality in the future, albeit at a different location.

The silver lining to BluePlain's unfortunate withdrawal from the Sunnyside community is that the affiliated nonprofit, BluePlainsEducation Foundation Inc. will continue to run independently of its sister restaurant to provide adequate technology in local schools.

BluePlains Tavern

2400 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80211