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The standard tipping model in restaurants has become a national topic of debate as of late. Many forward-thinking establishments are opting to do away with the deep-seated tipping convention for a multitude of reasons. Colorado's newest establishment to join the trend is William Oliver's Publick House in Fort Collins, the first spot in the college town to do away with tips.

This seemingly drastic measure is the last step of many in a process that will ultimately benefit the employees, believes the restaurant. William Oliver's employees will now have medical benefits, paid time off, profit sharing, a matching 401k, and a competitive pay rate of $15-25 per hour.

Owner Ryan Wallace believes strongly that service industry employees should receive similar benefits and opportunities as do counterparts in other industries. By offering wages that reflect the work employees do rather than leaving it in the hands of the customer, Wallace hopes to remove the element of uncertainty and restore justice to a flawed system.

From a consumer perspective, how does this affect the cost of buying food and drinks in a restaurant? In the case of William Oliver's, the prices will be slightly augmented in order to accommodate a higher wage for employees but there will be no added "service charge," and any tips left under the no-tipping model will be donated to local charities.