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Butchery Class, Wine Dinner, and Colorado Harvest Tasting Menu

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And an exotic Taiwanese dessert at Linger.


BALLPARK Cook Street School of Culinary Arts will kick off a Butchery for Cooks series class on Monday, August 3 starting at 4:30 p.m. This intensive course will cover the fundamentals of butchery along with the post-fabrication utilization. Each class will begin with a lecture followed by hands-on breakdown of various proteins to create a more detailed understanding to maximize the use of the proteins in a true nose-to-tail style. Cost is $1,395 for 8 classes, and reservations can be made online.

BOULDER — Frasca Food and Wine will host Craig Lewis for a wine dinner on Monday, August 3. Recently returned from traveling around Europe, Lewis will pour a trio of his discoveries, which include Edi Kante 2005 Malvasia, Maestracci "E Prove" from Corsica, and Monte Bernardi Chianti Classico Riserva from Panzano in Chianti. The cost is $50 for the dinner and $40-55 for the wine flight. To make a reservation, call 303.442.6966.

DOWNTOWNLower48 Kitchen will continue to Colorado as the featured state in its "Prix Fixe Culinary Tour of the Lower48" with a four-course tasting menu. This menu will only be available through the month of August, and focuses on late-summer harvest goods like Palisade peaches and Rocky Ford melons. Cost is $34 per person and on Tuesday nights, select wines are half price. To make a reservation, call 303.942.0262.

LOHILinger’s newest dessert offering is something you are likely unfamiliar with, which gives sweet-lovers all the more of a reason to try it out. Taiwanese Shaved Ice, or Xue Hua Bing, is a cross between ice cream and shaved ice desserts, featuring textured "snow" flavored ice topped with fruit, sauce, and other assorted goodies. Visitors can pick a dairy-free base (matcha, Thai tea, coffee, coconut, or strawberry-banana), three toppings, a sauce, and get it to go or for the end of a sit down meal. Ices are $8 and can be vegan or gluten-free by request.


2030 West 30th Avenue, , CO 80211 (303) 993-3120 Visit Website

Lower 48

2020 Lawrence St Unit A, Denver, CO 80205 303 942 0262 Visit Website

Frasca Food and Wine

1738 Pearl Street, , CO 80302 (303) 442-6966 Visit Website

Cook Street School of Culinary Arts

1937 Market St, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 308-9300