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Fero's Bar & Grill Murder Trial in Front of a Jury This Week

Five people died in October 2012 inside the bar located at Colorado and Alameda. The bar never reopened after the incident.

Fero's Bar & Grill
Fero's Bar & Grill
Denver Post

One of the most horrific bar crimes in Denver's history, the 2012 stabbing murders at Fero's Bar & Grill, is in the midst of a trial, reports the Denver Post. The prosecution in the case against Dexter Lewis, accused of killing five people in that incident, will rest its case today after more than 40 witnesses over eight days of testimony. The defense will begin to make its case in front of the jury and could conclude by the end of the week.

Nearly three years after the crime, the prosecution is not only seeking a guilty verdict, but pursuing the death penalty for the gruesome crime.