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Globe Hall Will Bring Barbecue and Live Music to Globeville

Beyond the reach of RiNo, Globeville can emerge as the new frontier for hot bars and eateries.

Future home of the Globe Hall
Future home of the Globe Hall

A dive bar, Texas-style barbecue, and live music venue will come to 4483 Logan Street this fall. Globe Hall, brainchild of Texas native Jeff Cornelius, has taken over a space that was most recently home to the Sidewinder Tavern. Part of the coming attraction's new space is a building named St. Jacob's Lodge Hall, which served as a meeting hall to the Slovenian and Croatian communities.

Globe Hall will bring a music venue for up to 200 guests in one of two adjoined buildings and a divey bar and Texas barbecue joint in the other, where the nearly 100 guests could be hosted inside with additional patio capacity.

Music aside, the star of the new spot will be "Betty," a 6,600 lb Oyler rotisserie smoker that can hold up to 1,800 pounds of meat. Owner Jeff Cornelius looked for the Mesquite, Texas-made smoker for four months. Betty will be at the center of creating a tightly-edited menu focused, of course, on meat.