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Fried Chicken Tragedy: The BSide Shuttered in Uptown

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What many deemed the best fried chicken in Denver is an option no more.

The BSide
The BSide
Mile High Happy Hour

It is a sad week for fried chicken lovers: The BSide, a beer and fried chicken emporium located at 1336 E 17th Avenue, has closed its doors. The casual eatery is the younger sister of Star Bar, a cultish dive with a fantastic beer and spirit selection in Ballpark.

Owner Justin Lloyd launched the BSide in Uptown, on a stretch of 17th Avenue that is chockfull with restaurants, in late August 2014. The beer selection was fabulous and the food menu, created by chef Jensen Cummings, included killer fried chicken (gluten-free too!) and nostalgic options like  Meatloaf Wellington or Pork 'n Apples with two sides like sautéed greens, cheesy corn, or Pueblo green chili.

All of those are now a thing of the past. The BSide hosted friends and loyal guests two nights ago for one last hurrah. There's no word yet on the future of the space that housed the BSide, which Lloyd and his business partner own.

The Bside

1336 E. 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218 (303) 474-4960 Visit Website