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Coda Coffee Opens Up Shop in Edgewater This Month

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The certified B Corp company will host a grand opening party on September 18.


Coda Coffee, founded in 2005 by brothers Tim and Tommy Thwaites, will open its first storefront at 5224 W. 25th Avenue in Edgewater this month. The Denver-based coffee company has been working hard for the last ten years to develop sustainable business practices and excellent coffee. The online store has been the primary platform of sales up to this point, but the brothers are excited to become a brick and mortar reality in the Edgewater community.

Social responsibility and sustainable business practices are ingrained in the makeup of Coda Coffee and in fact, the small Colorado company is a certified B Corp business. Every possible stamp of sustainable/organic certification for coffee wholesalers is held by Coda.

The 1,800 square foot space on a sleepy block in Edgewater will offer patrons a novel coffee experience. A customizable espresso machine will be the focal point of the shop, with other innovative offerings like espresso flights, an Aeropress, a menu including pastries, paninis, and salads, as well as a revolutionary technique developed by the brothers for the perfect cold brew. An infusion chamber will help patrons to customize their cups by adding hops, vanilla beans, cinnamon, or ginger.

The opening soiree will be held on September 18 from 5:30 - 8 p.m. and half of the proceeds will be donated to Girls on the Run - Rockies Chapter, a charity that encourages young women to be strong, smart, and confident through running. The first 25 attendees will receive a Coda travel mug as well as a $75 gift card.

Coda Coffee

5224 West 25th Avenue, Edgewater, CO 80214, USA