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Glaze Is Turning the Red Dragon Off on Friday

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The Japanese-inspired bakery in Congress Park is closing its doors for good.

Third time was not a charm, as it turns out, for Glaze,  the Japanese-inspired bakery located at 1160 Madison Street. Owner Heather Alcott is closing the door to the shop that opened in January 2013 in Congress Park. Glaze made the German-born Baum cake a star in the Mile High City. The Baum is a layered cake popularized in Japan that is baked on a highly prized rotisserie-like oven nicknamed the Red Dragon; Alcott owns the only one of its kind in North America.

Over its two and a half year life, Glaze had its ups and downs. The dessert emporium closed in March 2014 briefly and announced a partnership with Sushi Sasa. Glaze by Sasa, a spot that featured both desserts and a sushi bar curated by Wayne Conwell had a short life. In January 2015, Glaze removed the sushi from its offerings and launched a modern menu with Asian influences, created by chef Kris Padalino. That chapter is coming to a close later this week.

"We have given it all we had," Alcott explained. "We have had great support from loyal customers and fans of the special cakes we make, but in the end, what we had didn't match our original vision. The Red Dragon is a rock star. It is a beast that deserves to be on display in a high-traffic spot where baum cake lovers can see it do its magic."

Several things prompted the decision to close the shop, including the end of the lease and a unique opportunity to sell the oven. Alcott is not revealing where the prized red hot machine is going, but she promises that she found a great home for it.

Instead of mourning the loss of the baum in Denver, head to Glaze until end of business day on Friday and load up on cakes. The cakes, Alcott says, keep their integrity if frozen. And stay tuned for updates on what the space will become next.


1160 Madison Street, Denver, Co 80206 720 387 7890