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A Bear Cub Walks into a Pizzeria...

He was found sound asleep on a shelf in one of the prep areas of the Colorado Springs spot.

Bear cub at Louie's Pizza
Bear cub at Louie's Pizza

The warm prep room of Louie's Pizza's seemed like the perfect spot for napping for a Colorado Springs bear cub. After wandering the streets of downtown on Monday (and causing the high school to go on lockdown), the bear came inside the eatery through an open door, the Gazette shared. She ate some icing used in Louie's cini-bread and curled up on the second shelf of a storage rack for an afternoon snooze.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials arrived at the restaurant, tranquilized the bear who appeared to be malnourished, and took her to a rehabilitation facility to recover. When her weight goes up and a wound on her paw heals, she will go back in the wild. This is only one of many recent bear sightings in populated areas in Colorado.

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