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Armed Bystander Takes Law into Own Hands During Subway Robbery

It is this kind of incident that puts gas on the gun debate fire.

Site of the robbery
Site of the robbery

After a masked man hit an employee and robbed a Subway restaurant in Aurora, an armed bystander named Avery Nelson took matters into his own hands, 9News reported. He chased the robber, pulled out a gun and fired warning shots in the air, then additional shots at the subject's getaway car.

Nelson's well-intentions yielded a court summons for reckless endangerment and the firing of a weapon. A police officer explained that witnesses are encouraged to pay attention to details that they can share with law enforcement rather than proceed on their own. The rounds shot in pursuit of this robber could have hurt other bystanders.

The incident around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 9 on the 15000 block of East Illiff Avenue, near South Chambers Road.

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