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Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill, Bourbon Street Get the Thumbs Up

Here's what the critics had to say this week.

Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill
Black Eye Coffee Cap Hill
Adam Larkey

Cap Hill's versatile darling Black Eye Coffee earned three (of four) stars from the Denver Post. While the very early to very late spot attracts a good number of laptop campers who come for the coffee, it keeps the crowds with creative and well-executed menu items. Standouts for critic Bill Porter were the fried chicken sliders, the lasagna, and a version on Hoppin' John, the Southern New Year's Day dish. On the cocktail sie, Porter recommended the the Now Close the Window cocktail, made with Plymouth gin, Mancino vermouth, and lavender bitters.

A slice of the Big Easy is what Bourbon Street brings to Louisville the Daily Camera says. The menu features an all-star lineup of classics, including deep fried oysters and soft shell crab, étouffée, gumbo and more. While jalapeno hush puppies were not a hit with critic Clay Fong, the fried green tomatoes and the fried gator made for great starters. A major highlight of this place, which earned three stars, was the etoufee, whose "underlying seasoning was remarkably balanced and indicative of expert culinary technique."