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Cherry Hills Sushi Co. Now Rolling Off East Hampden

Casual and simple, the new sushi joint brings some diversity to the 'burbs.

Cherry Hills Sushi
Cherry Hills Sushi

Cherry Hills Sushi Co., a new restaurant owned by Bradford Kim and Olivia Maeng, opened earlier this week at 1400 East Hampden Avenue. The casual spot is a hand-roll bar, offering a curated collection of thoughtful sushi, presented in a hand-roll and accompanied with a selection of sashimi.

The minimalist space whose walls are decked in subway tiles is dominated by a u-shaped 20-seat bar made from local Colorado beetle kill pine. Industrial-style mahogany and steel stools offer comfortable seating. Dishes are is made to order, service is fast, and, in Japanese fashion, guests can take first-come, first-served seats at the sushi bar.

This first week, menu highlights include the option of three-item ($10), four-item ($14) or five-item ($18) temaki (hand roll) sets. Depending on the number of rolls in the chosen course, hand rolls will feature items such as blue crab, spicy tuna, cucumber, salmon, lobster, and uni. Guests can also choose to add special sashimi dishes to their order.

A liquor license is pending, but non-alcoholic beverages including hot green tea, sparking water, and Japanese Ramune soda are available.

Cherry Hills Sushi Co. is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Cherry Hills Sushi Co.

1400 E Hampden Ave, Englewood, CO 80113, USA