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The Inventing Room Brings Back the Doughnut Pop Up

A Broncos-themed doughnut is among the offerings!

The Inventing Room
The Inventing Room

The Inventing Room, a science-influenced sweets shop brainchild of chef Ian Kleinman, is bringing back his famed doughnut pop up from Wednesday, January 27 through Saturday, January 31. In years past, pop ups were hosted at a variety of venues like BittersweetBiker Jim's, and Sunnyside Burger Bar. This fifth installment will be the first one held inside the new brick and mortar location of the Inventing Room, set at 2020 Lawrence Street.

On the menu for the four-day event that takes place between 6 to 10 a.m. is the Broncos donut (cream, blueberry jelly, exploding orange crush whipped cream), the French Toast (griddled donut, maple syrup ice cream, butter), and the Margarita (lime curd, candied jalapeño brittle, white chocolate), among others.