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Black Black Coffee Expands into ReFuel Space, Adds Food Service

The RiNo spot now calls itself Black Black Coffee & Kitchen.

Black Black Coffee & Kitchen
Black Black Coffee & Kitchen
Andra Zeppelin

The former ReFuel space, left vacant six weeks ago when chef Bob Blair closed this casual eatery and his Fuel Cafe flagship, is back up serving lunch and breakfast. Josh McNeilly, owner of the two year old Black Black Coffee has taken over the space and launched the addition to his coffee shop softly last week.

There are new chairs and a new look to the tables, a spruced up kitchen space that softens up the previous stark look, and a menu that includes breakfast all day. There are breakfast burritos and what it appears to be the old killer ReFuel breakfast sandwich, sandwiches, and salads, plus a variety of grab and go items.

Black Black Coffee & Kitchen is open on weekdays for breakfast and lunch.

Disclosure: the editor of this post to is married to one of the developers behind Taxi, the complex housing Black Black Coffee & Kitchen.


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