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Public Shaming Proposed to Increase Restaurant Sick Days

A legislator is proposing a new law that would require restaurants who don't offer sick days to disclose that to the public.


Restaurants who don't give employees five paid sick days may need to post a notice about it on their door if Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri gets his way, the Denver Channel reported. The Democrat from Westminster would like to pass a bill that would make such public notice mandatory for places where employees have little choice but to show up to work sick.

The reasoning behind this is more related to public safety than to the welfare of the restaurant workers. "When there's an economic incentive to show up to work sick, it can endanger the health of all of us," said Ulibarri. "I've followed this issue and received some information from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which indicated in fact, most of the major food outbreaks are due to sick employees, not listeria or E.coli."