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Former Columnist Penny Parker Passed Away

A Denver icon, Parker was 62 years old.

Penny Parker
Penny Parker

Penny Parker, former newspaper columnist, has died on Saturday at 12:30 p.m., The Denver Post reported. Her husband, Greg Henry, shared that the 62 year old journalist has passed away at her Capitol Hill condo.

A Palo Alto native, Parker made a name for herself while working at The Denver Post in the 90s first as a features reporter, then as a business journalist. Later, her On The Town column at The Rocky Mountain News gave her a major platform for covering chefs, restaurants, dining events, but also famed characters from sports icons like John Elway to politicians like former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb. When the Rocky Mountain News closed in 2009, Parker returned to The Post until 2012.

Since then, Parker, who had a longstanding commitment to supporting charitable events and causes, dabbled in marketing and pr, worked in retail, and kept a lively blog — Penny Parker On The Town — chockfull of news from Denver's dining scene.

Parker is survived by her husband Greg and son Mackenzie Parker Harden. No information on memorial services was immediately available.