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Kaos Pizzeria Burglarized, Help Catch Thief and Get Free Pie

If you have information about the thief that leads to his arrest, you will be the recipient of pizza for a year.

Kaos Pizzeria
Kaos Pizzeria

On January 3 at 4:30 a.m., Old South Pearl darling Kaos Pizzeria was the victim of a burglary. A tall white man, about 6'2'' with a shaved head, wearing a hoodie, headphones, and a backpack broke into the space located at 1439 South Pearl Street.

The restaurant, owned by Patrick Mangold-Whiteposted three videos it has from surveillance cameras and a call for help to catch the offender. If you have info that leads to catching him, Kaos will hook you up with free pizza for a whole year.

Here's one of the videos:

The restaurant posted this message along with the video:

Please help us catch a thief! Tall white male, shaved head, approx 6'2". Wanted for burglary of Kaos Pizzeria at 4:30am on January 3rd. Also suspected of additional neighborhood burglaries. Contact Detective Mark Matthews at DPD with any info: 720-913-1170. If yours is the tip that lands him in jail, we'll give you FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR! Please share this video, to help protect our community from jerks who skulk about in sunglasses at night and steal from small businesses.

The other two videos are below.