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Thai Basil on Alameda Closed Until March for a Remodel

The other locations of the small chain remain open.

Since Thai Basil first stepped on the scene in 2003, the small local Asian-fusion chain has expanded to a handful of locations around Denver and into Colorado Springs. Serving up classics, from hot to sour soup, egg rolls, pad Thai and more, the restaurants have relaxed atmospheres with traditional touches.

The lights were turned off on January 1 at the East Alameda location for a remodel. Teh restaurant plans to reopen early March with a fresh look. A sign on the front of the door recommends that guests visit one of their other locations.

One of these locations has been in the spotlight in less than attractive ways though. FOX31 reported last year that Thai Basil in Lone Tree scored an "F" for 14 critical mistakes in its 2015 and September 2014 health inspections. The health inspector uncovered cockroaches – dead and alive – kitchen areas with food debris, grease and dust. Manager Noal Eisentrager said the issues had been rectified.

Thai Basil

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