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Bar Dough, Ophelia's Electric Soapbox Garner Mixed Reviews

Bar Dough has room to grow while Ophelia's confuses with its pell-mell style.

Bar Dough
Bar Dough
Adam Larkey

Long-awaited Bar Dough, helmed by chef Max Mackissock received a mixed review from Denver Post's William Porter. The critic was decidedly not impressed with the overall dining experience at the hot LoHi spot, citing both a lunch and dinner experience at Bar Dough that fell short of Mackissock's high standards. Atmosphere was good, but lacked sufficient winter gear storage or hooks for a winter in Denver, and the cuisine brought both high moments and lows to the table. Porter found the chicken liver dish to be overly bread-y, but raved about the brassicas, a roasted vegetable salad with shaved pecorino, pumpkin seeds, and brown butter vinaigrette. In his final words, he acknowledge's the restaurant's potential for change and improvement as it matures and works out the kinks.

Meanwhile, Justin Cucci's hot beast Ophelia's Electric Soapbox got in Scott Mowbray's spotlight. The 5280 Magazine review dished out two (out of four stars) to the Ballpark brothel-turned-dinner club. The critic describes Ophelia's as a complete melee of ideas and influences - at times off-putting and over-the-top, while in other instances perfectly fitting. From the brothel/vintage pinball/cinema decor to the mad piling-on of incongruous ingredients in many of the dishes, Mowbray finds good ideas that get taken too far. On the gastro side of this "gastrobrothel," the teriyaki duck wings are a show-stopper for the dining critic, and the Belgian mussels, while swimming in a divine citrusy beer sauce, suffer from too many additional ingredients that just don't quite meld. Cocktails and service were deemed excellent, and Mowbray concludes his review with a promise to return again.

Ophelia's Electric Soapbox

1215 20th Street, , CO 80202 (303) 993-8023 Visit Website

Bar Dough

2227 West 32nd Avenue, , CO 80211 (720) 668-8506 Visit Website