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Miette et Chocolat Joins the Stanley Marketplace Line Up

Let there be tarts and layered desserts and cakes and macarons.

Chcolate spread including Miette et Chocolat
Chcolate spread including Miette et Chocolat

Sweet sweet Miette et Chocolat, a Denver-based chocolate and pastry business, will get a brick and mortar location this year inside the Stanley Marketplace. The shop, owned by Dave Lewis and Gonzalo Jiménez, will offer a variety of small cakes, tarts and layered desserts; entremets, or large, layered celebration cakes; French macaroons featuring custom flavor combinations. There will also be a line of colorful, handcrafted and hand-painted chocolates, including bonbons, truffles and chocolate-covered hazelnuts.

The Stanley, located at 2501 Dallas Street in Aurora, will open later this year. Its tenants include Stanley Beer Hall, Casita Brewing Company, Comida, Rosenberg's Bagels, and Rolling Smoke BBQ.