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Trump Hands to Psycho Penguin: The Best Names from the Great American Beer Fest

Arrogant Hipster, Foreplay, Putin's Revenge, and Brewmance made our list

Cannonball Creek Brewing Co

There were 7,227 competition entries at this year's edition of the Great American Beer Festival and they came from 1,752 breweries hailing from 50 states plus Washington, D.C. Many medals were awarded and Colorado brewers scored 38 of those but we're not here now to talk about anything else than the names of the brews submitted. We've combed through them and established our own categories below.


  • Trump Hands (Cannonball Creek Brewing Co) [Gold Medal for Session IPA!]
  • Funky Jewbelation (Shmaltz Brewing Co)
  • I Dunkled in My Pants (Figueroa Mountain Brewing)
  • Arrogant Hipster Sour (Chelsea Craft Brewing Co)
  • Irascible Zipper ( CB and Potts/Big Horn Brewery)
  • Fire in the Ham (Jack's Abby Brewing)
  • Primal Soup (Roadhouse Brewing Co)
  • Who You Callin' Wussie (Arrogant Brewing)
  • Flannel Friday (Harpoon Brewery)
  • Pretzel Assassin (Denver Beer Co)
  • Bat Exodus (E.J. Phair Brewing Co)
  • Psychedelic Cat Grass (Short's Brewing Co)


  • Foreplay (Thorn Street Brewery)
  • Little Ass (Ass Clown Brewing Co)
  • Wild & Crazy Rye (BJ's Brewery)
  • Me So Honey (Belching Beaver Brewery)
  • Down 'n Dirty (Deschutes Brewery)
  • Singles Going Steady (Destihl Brewery)
  • Polygamy (Nitro Porter/Wasatch Brewery)
  • Brewmance (Golden City Brewery)
  • Technical Ecstacy (2nd Shift Brewing Co)


  • Dryed Up Old Geezer (Black Diamond Brewing Co)
  • Naughty Marilyn (Crystal Springs Brewing Co)
  • Horny Devil (Alesmith Brewing)
  • New Style American Girlfriend (The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co)
  • The Old Ball and Chain (BNS Brewing & Distilling Co)
  • Gangsta of Love (Boggy Draw Brewery)
  • Mild Mannered Dude (Dude's Brewing Co)
  • Pleasant Gentleman (J. Wells Brewery)
  • Curmudgeon(Founders Brewing Co)
  • Widowmaker (Mcmenamins Breweries)
  • Ginger MoFo (The Perch Pub & Brewery)
  • Virile Dissector (Joyride Brewing Co.)
  • Dirty Sanchez (Grossen Brewing Co)
  • Denver Jackhammer (Beachwood Brewing)
  • Nut Smasher (Willoughby Brewing Co)
  • Morning Wood Wheat (Pug Ryan's Brewing Co)


  • Walter's White (120 Degree Brewing)
  • Lloyd Christmas Peppermint Chocolate Porter
  • Gourds Gone Wild (Tampa Bay Brewing Co)
  • Cherry Busey (Sun King Brewing Co)
  • Dark Force Lager (Elevator Brewing Co)
  • Gosebusters (Nole Ale Works)
  • Good Will Hopping (Noda Brewing Co)
  • May the Oats Be With You (Fort George Brewery)
  • Lord of the Ryes (Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant)
  • Jean Claude Van Blond (Wit's End Brewing Co)


  • Mmmhops Pale Ale (Hanson Brothers Beer Co)
  • Splashing Pumpkin (Great South Bay Brewery)
  • You Dropped Your Hops on Me (Fat Head's Brewery & Saloon)
  • Gose in Different Area Codes (Four Sons Brewing Co)
  • Wreck the Halls (Full Sail Brewing Co)
  • Limel Richie (Little Machine Brewing Co)
  • 98 Problems (Perrin Brewing Co)
  • Hauling Oats (Tenaya Creek Brewery)


  • Una Mas (Left Coast Brewing Co)
  • Pedro's Cerveza de Estupido (Haymarket Pub & Brewery)
  • Taco Truck Amber (Dust Bowl Brewing Co)
  • Senor Jalapeacho (Slanted Rock Brewing Co)
  • Yodo Con Leche (5 Rabbit Cerveceria)
  • El Jefe (Clouds Brewing Co)
  • Los Locos (Epic Brewing Co)
  • Andale! Pale Ale (Frothy Beard Brewing Co)
  • Ponche de Burro (Grist Brewing Co)
  • El Mas Guapo (Transplants Brewing Co)


  • Yellow Fever (Comrade Brewing Co)
  • Putin's Revenge (Southerleigh Brewing)
  • 2012 Big Bad Russian (Bend Brewing Co)
  • Ukrainian Imperial Stout (Duck Foot Brewing Co)
  • B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher (Hoppin' Frog Brewing Co)
  • Quit Stalin (Mother Earth Brewing)
  • Dark Tsar (Thorn Street Brewery)
  • Fall of the Iron Curtain (Stormbreaker Brewing)
  • Brits in Moscow (Device Brewing Co)


  • Two Headed Calf ( Adroit Theory Brewing Co)
  • Lyin Lynx (Northwoods Brewpub & Grill)
  • Psycho Penguin (Odyssey Beerworks)
  • Electric Jellyfish (Pinthouse Pizza South)
  • Sad Panda (Horse & Dragon Brewing)
  • Devil Dog (Roak Brewing Co)
  • Freaky Fish (Telluride Brewing Co)
  • Sour Monkey (Victory Brewing Co)
  • Elephants on Parade (Bosque Brewing Co)
  • Sparkle Pony (Black Hammer Brewing)
  • Static Chipmunk (Evil Czech Brewery)