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Bar Dough Team Doubles Down in LoHi with Señor Bear

The restaurant will launch in the former Jezebel's space in the spring

Blake Edmunds
Blake Edmunds
Star Chefs

One of Denver's most talented chefs, Blake Edmunds will open Señor Bear as executive chef early next year.  After spending the last year at Bar Dough, Edmunds, who has earned his stripes yet never sought the spotlight, is ready to headline his own show, with the support of his longtime mentor, chef Max Mackissock, and that of business partner Juan Padro.

"The big story is that Blake will be getting ownership in his first restaurant," Padro shared. "He's done everything we have asked him to do from being Max's number two in the kitchen to learning the front of the house and bartending to working with Katie on back office financials. We couldn't be more proud of the work he has put in at Bar Dough and this project will be the first of several for him in the future."

Edmunds not only put his time in at Bar Dough, but he has also cooked with Mackissock at the original Squeaky Bean, then the new Squeaky Bean, as well as at Williams & Graham. His resume also includes sous chef positions at Sweet Basil in Vail as well as at Fruition in Denver and stints at Ubuntu and Haven in California.

Señor Bear, which will open in the former Jezebel's space in LoHi, will focus on Mexican cuisine. It will encompass Latin America and the Caribbean as focal points. Guests will enjoy homemade tortillas and other staples of fresh nixtamalized masa, plus classic and creative ceviches and crudos.

The Señor Bear team is working with Julia Sullivan of Caswell Design Group on reimagining the space. After the holidays and prior to opening the new restaurant, Edmunds, Mackissock, and Padro plan to travel to Mexico and Latin America to get more inspiration and iron out their concept.

There is a bit of a full-circle element to this story. Edmunds and Mackissock are returning to the space that housed the Squeaky Bean 1.0. Padro is also coming back to the block; not long ago, he served as an active owner at Old Major.