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Jesse Morreale Reveals The Thunderbird Imperial Lounge

There is a name and more details for the upcoming venue


Restaurateur Jesse Morreale, who gained a following in Denver with Rock Bar and El Diablo, revealed the name of his upcoming venture: The Thunderbird Imperial Lounge. What was once Sunnyside Burger Bar and later TAG Burger Bar, after being Longo’s for decades, will soon reopen later this fall under Morreale’s vision with chef guidance from Goose Sorensen of Solera.

The concept aims to invoke and honor the nostalgia of past decades with a modern twist and it also hopes to please the surrounding neighborhoods enough that it will become  a favorite hangout, a staple, in the way that Morreale's past ventures were.

Guests should expect colors, textures, materials, and memorabilia from the 70's through the 90's, creating a cozy, accessible space. Forest green walls, handcrafted cherry, mahogany, and white oak woodwork, a horseshoe bar, and comfortable leather seating areas are complimented by antique wrought iron chandeliers and hand-blown glass light fixtures. There will also be unique, iconic elements that Morreale has collected over the course of his career and adventures in music and hospitality - think old concert and event posters and the jukebox - last seen on the set of a 1998 feature film that Morreale is leaving up to The Thunderbird's guests to identify.

Chef Sorensen in collaboration with Morreale crafted an affordable, elevated comfort food menu ranging from burgers, wings, salads, and sandwiches to a few highly requested items returning from past Morreale restaurants. Stay tuned for an opening date.