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Little Spoons, a small cafe and bakery, opened at 1705 South Pearl Street last week, Westword reported. Owned by Amelia Di Marco, an Italian native who spent the last eleven years in New York City, the quaint spot offers pastries, panini, coffee, tea and fresh juices.

Pastries are baked in-house and croissants and bread come from La Fillette Bakery. For the panini, Di Marco's uses ingredients like speck, prosciutto, Tallegio cheese and combinations of sweet and savory ingredients with fig and quince jam, among them. The coffee is brewed with beans from Devocion, a roaster with coffeehouses in Bogota and Brooklyn and the tea comes from Løv Organic.

When it opened earlier this month, this was the message that Di Marco posted on Facebook:

And to think that it all started with tears. I liked my life a lot, loved - let me say that again, Loved - the city where I lived and that has been home for 10 years and that I never considered to leaving. Next thing you know, simply following the why not philosophy I am in Denver, and six months and a couple of retrogrades later, thanks to the help and support of wonderful friends and surrounding community my very own Little Spoons "softly" opened its doors this afternoon. Thank you Denver, Thank you Karma, Thank you friends and loves, Thanks life in general. And NYC, I still love you and always will do <3