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The Making of the Amazing Guava Mousse + Coconut Ice

A one-of-a-kind treat at Departure that shows off their impressive dessert program

Pastry chef Erin Koroll, in collaboration with chef Gregory Gourdet, set out to create a dessert program that was a necessary part of the dining experience at Departure.

"So many times, a dessert menu is just thrown on at the end; it's an afterthought. But we knew we couldn't do that. It had to be an integral part of what we do," explains Koroll. And what they created is a dining experience by itself. Each and every dessert on their menu has many dimensions and levels and is equally surprising. The guava mousse and coconut ice is no exception.

"We knew we wanted to start with the classic elements of a dessert you would find in Southeast Asia: shaved ice, syrup, and fruit." But this dish is definitely not something you would find on a roadside stand in Asia. The whole bowl is full of surprises like Thai basil, lemon balm, fresh jackfruit, and a crispy mango tuile.

Kroll created this dish with texture in mind. "We all know each dish should have a sweet element, a salt one, and some acid. But I think texture is just as important." The guava mousse is rich and creamy, the coconut ice a little crunchy, and the jackfruit is crisp in a way that only fresh fruit can be.

Even the way the dish is plated is very intentional. "We wanted to make sure that wherever you put your spoon, you're getting every flavor. It's a pile of perfect bites on the plate."

Get this at Departure every day for lunch or dinner.

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