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Gilmore Girls Revival Strikes Denver with Luke's Pop-Up

The one day only event took place at Purple Door

Purple Door Coffee
Purple Door Coffee

On Wednesday, October 7, local fans of Gilmore Girls got an extra perk at Purple Door Coffee in Five Points, a spot that for the day transformed itself into Luke's Diner. This was part of a nationwide campaign in which more than 200 coffee shops across the country went through the same one-day-only cameo. The goal was to promote the return of the show through its familiar eatery. Gilmore Girls is making a comeback as a four episode mini-series on Netflix starting on November 24. Yesterday was also the 16th anniversary of the show's premiere.

So what exactly happened at Purple Door? Guests were invited to grab a free cup of coffee in tribute to Lorelai and Rory, the coffee-crazed mother and daughter duo and main characters of the show.

There was a line, a long one. It started early and it didn't ease until after lunch. But those who attended and the crew at Purple Door loved the excitement around the event.