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Oak at Fourteenth Closed for Ten Days for Renovations

The Boulder hot spot will re-open on November 11

Adam Larkey

One of Boulder's most lauded restaurants, Oak at Fourteenth, closed its doors this week and will stay closed through November 11 for renovations. "It's been five years of running a very busy restaurant so it is definitely time to take care of fixing a few things," chef and co-owner Steve Redzikowski shared. "The restaurant will still look very much the same, but certain parts will just be improved, from the sound to the tables and bars."

The plan of the team is to refinish the floors, from the ones in the kitchen from the oak floors in the dining room and private event room. New table tops are being introduced, with dark hues as opposed to the original brown wood ones. There are also new bar stools  and a wider oak bar top and two massive oak leaves that will go on the ceiling of the dining room for soundproofing, among other improvements.

Redzikowski says he'll spend some of his collateral free time at Brider and Acorn, the team's restaurants in Denver, but on Wednesday, October 2, he is staying in Boulder and hosting a pop up at T|ACO. The menu and details are below:


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