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Shattered Brewers Groups Reunite

Good timing to announce this the day after the election


On November 9, a day in which unity was needed more than ever, the Colorado Brewers Guild and Craft Beer Colorado announced their merger. Back in June, a group of disgruntled but prominent members of the twenty year old Colorado Brewers Guild defected and chose to form Craft Beer Colorado. Among the reasons for the split was the recent changes in the industry which include acquisitions by beer mammoth companies like AB In-Bev of companies like Breckenridge Brewery.

Now, members of the two groups have agreed to join forces and merge into one organization to represent independent Colorado craft brewers as the Colorado Brewers Guild. The new board will be made up of representatives from the previous boards of both organizations.

"Advocacy and marketing just got a lot stronger on behalf of Colorado craft brewers," said Brian O'Connell, founder of Renegade Brewing Company and board member. "There is no question that we are stronger as one."

Current staff will remain intact through the transition. "I'm looking forward to a very dynamic 2017 for the CBG," said Steve Kurowski, operations director of the CBG. "The momentum is already starting to build." The search for an Executive Director will begin soon. One of the Guild's leading priorities is to organize for the 2017 legislative session.