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New Restaurant Teases Denverites with Gold Coins

There are 5000 of these around the metro area

The new year will bring something shiny to Denver. Sometime in January, a new spot that is referring to itself as H&D (for now) will open its doors around the Union Station area. The mysterious coming attraction is an independent, new concept that clearly loves to tease. In the last week, it dropped 5,000 of the coins you see up in the photo all across the city. They say "good for one free dram" and ""

The reference to "dram" plays homage to the extensive whiskey program planned for H&D, which (we are told) will be the largest in downtown Denver. The chef's name has yet to be released, but rumor has it that he hails from a popular concept on the East Coast, and will focus on rustic American fare when he opens the Mile High City spot.

And if you find one of the coins, hang on to it - they're as good as gold and will be redeemable for a drink.