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Drama in Sunnyside Over Cabaret License

The Monkey Barrel is not giving up


The Monkey Barrel relocated to Sunnyside earlier this year and the  transition has been less than smooth. A bar and live music venue it its original spot on Platte Street, the business reopened at 4401 Tejon Street and added a popular food component to its offerings, in collaboration with beloved legend Carbone's.

The neighborhood has not opposed the transfer of the liquor license to this new home but it objected strongly to the live music part, covered by the cabaret license. That opposition started this summer and it is not slowing down. Two days ago, in an effort to stand its ground and clear the air, The Monkey Barrel shared this flyer that has circulated in the area on its Facebook page with the caption below:

Neighbors of Sunnyside , Please Do not allow this False Propaganda to mislead you. There are some in Sunny Side that would like you to believe that live music is a bad thing , and it should be banned . Our Live Music is kept inside and we limit the volume to keep the sound at conversation level through out the entire performance . We aren't the only bar / restaurant in the neighborhood that offers our guests an opportunity to check out local music acts, but there are some who like to spread fear by misleading our neighbors. We have paid for special event licenses to have live music on 6 occasions until the end of the year , so that we can show our neighbors that it will not be a nuisance . We encourage anyone with concerns to stop by this Friday November 18th, where you will see Live Music performed by solo musician Miguel Joseph. The show begins at 9p, and we look forward to showcasing this incredible local talent.

What do you think of this?