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Vandals Write ‘Hail Trump’ on Little India’s Sign

There is no confirmation that the restaurant was specifically targeted for racial reasons


UPDATE: Denverite updated its story to include an additional, similar story of vandalism. A house on 9th Street was tagged with the same words. The owners are white, non-religious and in their mid-30s, and they haven't had political signs on the property. Our example of Hi Dive below also concerns a business with no overt connection to any racial or political group.

There are no suspects yet but someone found it appropriate to write "Hail Trump" on the sign of an Indian restaurant, Denverite reported. Little India is located at 6th and Grant, in a central part of the city. The original source was a Reddit user, Skuwee, who shared this:

Little India (restaurant in Cap Hill) got their sign vandalized - they're the only business in the 6th and Grant area that I saw was vandalized while walking through yesterday. Eating there for lunch sometime this week to show a little community support. (self.Denver)

A commenter on the post shared this:

Same person (or at least with same spelling of "hail"/handwriting) did this to the Hi-Dive a few days ago as well

There is no confirmation that such is actually the case at Hi-Dive as there is no certainty that Little India was targeted in particular because of the kind of food it serves or the background of its owners.