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In the Review Spotlight: Coperta and Frasca Food and Wine

Here’s what the critics had to say

Frico Caldo at Frasca Food and Wine
Frico Caldo at Frasca Food and Wine
Adam Larkey

Paul and Aileen Reilly of Beast + Bottle mostly impressed critic Gretchen Kurtz with their new venture, Coperta. Opened in mid-summer, the Uptown restaurant is inspired its owners' love for the cuisine of Rome and Southern Italy and that love led to dishes that had Kurtz "smitten." Among them, the bucatini all'amatriciana, the pollo allo diavolo, and the cavatelli. It wasn't all smiles and unicorns though: Slip-ups in service and ambiance and a "lack of passion" shown in certain dishes made the Westword writer question the viability of the relationship but she concluded that there were plenty of reasons for more chances.

"The embodiment of remarkable hospitality" is what Frasca Food and Wine represents, according to the latest restaurant review in Denver Life Magazine. The service has been described as "engaging, genuine, connected, strikingly studied but informal, effortlessly friendly." After a dozen years in business, the Boulder restaurant is still at the top of its game, providing guests with unique and memorable experiences that are almost impossible anywhere else. Highlights of the menu include the classic Frico Caldo, an irresistible potato and cheese cake, the fazzoletti, as well as the risotto. The superb wine program is a major component of this award-winning restaurant.


400 East 20th Avenue, , CO 80205 (720) 749-4666 Visit Website

Frasca Food and Wine

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