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Dos Santos Team Brings White Pie to Uptown

The East Coast Italian spot will open early next year

Future home of White Pie
Future home of White Pie

The dynamic brothers from Dos Santos, Jason and Kris Wallenta, are growing their business with White Pie. A classic neighborhood spot with an East Coast slant, the pizzeria will occupy a 2,300 square foot space that has been sitting empty for years at 1702 Humboldt Street. This is on the same block as the Mexican restaurant the Wallentas own, just around the corner.

The interior has great character already with exposed brick, a classic structure, and great natural lighting. Seating some 65 inside, plus an additional 20 to 25 guests on a forthcoming patio, White Pie will be anchored by an Italian wood-fired oven with a pizza bar that will wrap around it. Communal seating will set the family-friendly, rustic and warm vibe of the upcoming restaurant.

The menu will focus on Italian classics, pizzas, handmade mozzarella, charcuteries and some pastas, as well. "We're from the East Coast and sometimes miss those neighborhood spots that we grew up with," Kris Wallenta shared. "Our goal is to bring a place for families, for our neighbors that serves great food with no pretentiousness," he added.

What's in the name? It was the go-to order for Kris when he was a child. "For me, the Bianca is the quintessential childhood pizza. It is very simple, olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, pure, simple, and straightforward in the same way we want White Pie to be.

The Wallentas already started to work on the space. The demolition phase is done and building permits are pending. The goal is to be up and running in March of 2017.