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Chop Shop Expands with Lowry Location

The Park Hill-born eatery is growing

Chop Shop

Chef and restaurateur Clint Wangsnes is expanding his two year old concept, Chop Shop Casual Neighborhood Eatery, to the Lowry Town Center. Wangsnes has been thinking about growing in the family-friendly area and he was thrilled when a space became available. "I have seen a need for the Town Center to have a creative and new concept there for a while so we were really happy when the Salty Rita's space came on the market," Wangsnes shared.

Located at 200 Quebec Street, the recently shuttered Salty Rita's is 2,200 square space that offers two patios, one of them heated. "It is a little bigger than our original space, but it also doesn't have a basement, which is what our Colfax location has. It will be nice to have some more room to spread out the seating," the chef shared.

Guests of Chop Shop Lowry will find the same homey yet thoughtful menu from the original location, but there will also be some twists. "From a chef perspective, I feel like you need to give each place you open its individual identity. We will have a very similar menu but there will also be special dishes, different cocktails, a new beverage menu." Some of the most popular dishes at the original Chop Shop include the 48 hour slow cooked short rib, the lemon adobo grilled chicken breast, and the 72 hour slow cooked onion bliss soup.

The plan is to have construction wrapped up on the Lowry location by the end of the year.

Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery

4990 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80220 (303) 525-9475